Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ferras Tells American Idol "Hollywood's Not America"

Listen: Ferras- "Hollywood's Not America"

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This week, the immensely popular television show American Idol is down to its final twenty-four contestants vying for the instant ticket (s) to stardom. The reality is that there will only be one "official" winner, and the other twenty-three contestants will face seeing their dreaded memoir of 'Idol' memories set to an infamous farewell song. For the past two seasons, the featured send-off songs have not only brought Idol teardrops, but have also taken over various Billboard charts. Season five's swan song featured David Powter's unforgettably poignant "Bad Day" and last season's eliminated contestants were treated to Daughtry's heartening ballad, "Home."

"Hollywood's Not America" is the song that has been chosen for this season's exits. Performed by singer/songwriter Ferras, (Ferras Alquasi) "Hollywood's Not America" follows in the pop/rock footsteps of the previous Idol farewell staples, but adds a refreshing folk twist. The song is beautifully composed, and the lyrical content is upstanding. Ferras does just enough in his assured vocals to separate himself from the Ryan Cabrera's and Gavin DeGraw's of the Pop/Rock spectrum.

Undeniably captivating, "Hollywood's Not America" is poised to become another Idol exit song ace. While it may not posses the instant hit potential of “Bad Day” or "Home," the song should be able to carve out its own satisfactory niche in today's popular music. Ferra will be an artist to keep an eye on as his debut album, Aliens & Rainbows, is scheduled for an April 1st release.



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