Saturday, February 16, 2008

*Review* Mariah Carey- "Touch My Body"

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© 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group and Mariah Carey

"Touch My Body" is the lead single from Mariah Carey's upcoming eleventh studio album, E=MC² which is slated for an April 15th (U.S.A.) release. Along with Carey's songwriting and production contributions, "Touch My Body" reunites Terius Nash (aka The-Dream) and Christopher Stewart; (aka Tricky Stewart) the main team behind R&B/Pop star Rihanna's 2007 smash, "Umbrella."

"Touch My Body" continues Carey's furthering offerings in the R&B/Hip Hop genre. With its mellow production and Carey implementing a staccato vocal styling, "Touch My Body" initially comes off seemingly lethargic. In hindsight, the verses lead up to a robust melodic chorus, and a satisfying ending. Notably, there aren't any traces of Carey's signature whistle register to be found through the song; which may come off surprising to listeners and fans alike.

Ultimately, "Touch My Body" falls in between the lines of idleness, and mediocrity. While the piano driven production is pleasing, it keeps Mariah in a narrow, mundane lane. Carey has been known for outstanding first singles in the past, and while "Touch My Body" isn't atrocious, it doesn't live up to the aforementioned reputation; making it Carey's weakest album lead-off to date.

Rating: 6 out of 10



Junlee said...

I have to agree. Strangely enough I really liked it at first, but after thinking about it, it's just so bland!

Yes the chorus is hot and she does bust it out a little bit at the end, but the rest is just so 'meh'.

Junlee said...

Hey dude I'ma go ahead and link this on my blog...I like this site! :)

Q said...

Hey! Yeah, I feel it was very much a lackadaisical walk in the park for Mariah on this track.

I'm glad that you like the blog, thanks! I'm working hard and trying to keep with it!

Something Serious.... said...

I agree 100%! The way they were keeping things hidden and shutting blogs down, you'd expect this song to be straight FIRE! Nope, it wasn't. I was EXTREMELY disappointed! It's a good song; it has a very nice, laid back feel to it. The thing is I'd expect this from a rookie, not someone of Mariah Carey's stature. LMAO, I won't even go there with the lyrics. Hopefully she'll hit us with a hot ballad for her next single!

Anonymous said...

jeeez boycott that ho!

Anonymous said...

Mariah Carey isn't looking for a 1st number one single like she used to in the past... It's Like That wasn't supposed to be a #1 and TOuch My Body isn't as well! Anyway, it is a grat track and it makes up to places where The Emancipation Of Mimi failed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with anonymous. You have to understand Mariah's strategy. Everyone knows that Mariah always hold out on the best songs for last. She simply chose this song because it is not the best. It's the second single people are going to need to watch out for.